Monday, June 23, 2014

Brownie Brittle

It's been a while since I had some new, if only new to me, chocolate item to try, so when I saw bags of "brownie brittle" from Sheila G's at my favorite bagel place, I had to try them. The flavor is chocolate chip, which is the only flavor the bagel place had. The bag advertises a "rich brownie taste with a cookie crunch!" and it delivers that, along with chocolatey goodness in each yummy square.

Brownie Brittle Bag

Pieces of Brownie Brittle
They are definitely crunchy, with a rich brownie flavor. They get chewy the way brownies do as you chew them and the chips are a nice dark chocolate. This is an excellent chocolate snack. Even a couple of pieces can satisfy a sudden urge for chocolate goodness.

The website lists other flavors: Salted Caramel, Toffee Crunch, and Mint Chocolate Chip. The salted caramel sounds appealing. The bag says it contains two servings, with 120 calories per serving, which isn't bad.