Chocoliciousness: Recipes

Chocolate Egg Cream

Chocolate egg creams: Mix chocolate syrup (preferably Fox's U-Bet) and a small amount of milk with seltzer (club soda will do in a pinch). You should get a nice, foamy head. The key is to not use too much milk, usually no more than a quarter of the glass. Add the seltzer last. Yum.

Chocolate Malted

Chocolate malteds: Milk, chocolate ice cream, and malt (regular or chocolate). Carnation makes regular and chocolate malt; I prefer chocolate malt. Combine in a Drinkmaster. A blender will do in a pinch. Experiment with the amounts to get the right consistency, foaminess, thickness, etc. to suit your taste. Some people use vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup, but I prefer to use all chocolate when making a chocolate malted. You can make vanilla malteds, too, with vanilla ice cream and regular malt.

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