Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Day at the Beach

A friend and I had planned a day at the beach. The train to the Rockaways was back, finally, in June, after the bridge washed out during Superstorm Sandy last fall. The New Jersey shore is back in business, as is Brooklyn's Coney Island. But the Rockaways, sadly, are still recovering from the storm damage. Only two beaches were open, on each end, and we didn't see a sign saying that until we were pretty much in the center of the area. It was late, we were tired of walking and trying to find beach access, so we just went home, a bit defeated, and very sad over the destruction we saw, and knowing it had been far worse during and after the storm. There were residential sections of the Rockaway peninsula that we weren't near that I know had whole houses flattened. We did see a lot of new housing construction facing the Atlantic, but the beach is just piles of sand and the boardwalk is gone, slowing being replaced.

Rockaway Beach, NY

Rockaway Beach Sand Piles

Rockway Beach Sand 

Rebuilding Beach Access

Rebuilding the Boardwalk