Saturday, July 13, 2013

Spammed Again

This bit of spam commenting is one of the more entertaining bits of nonsense I've gotten lately.
"Younger people are still learning about themselves, and what kind of women
that you are going Dutch. EncountersOur Encounters facility lets
you browse through member profiles while rating
them 'Yes, No or Maybe', so you can watch his favorite
reality game show finale on TV together. Independent atkins diet
book's top tip: Reference something from their profile."
I really have no idea what this means. A dating service, perhaps? The fractured English seems more fractured than usual.

Spent the day with a friend taking photos of water lilies and daylilies at the NY Botanical Garden today. So many pretty flowers.

Water Lilies
But we really went to see the giant head sculptures made out of fruits and vegetables. Here's one.

Sculpture of a Head by Philip Haas