Monday, January 28, 2013

Where Did the Week Go

Seriously, I can't believe I let another week go by without a post. It was a rather cold week here in NYC. I hunkered down, didn't do much of anything other than play Cityville on I do love building my virtual city.

I do have some posts I want to write, about my time working, but they'll take time and I've been so damn lazy. I haven't even seen a movie yet this year. I was going to go last week, then the temps plunged below 25 degrees F, which is my dividing line between venturing outdoors and staying put. When I had to work, work forced me to ignore that line, but now I can pretty much indulge it unless I made plans I can't change. This is one aspect of retirement I was looking forward to: staying home whenever I wanted.

However, staying home means making do with store-bought chocolate, which means M&Ms and Mallomars, and there's nothing new for me to say about them right now. :)

Feeling: lazy