Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Stuff Spotted in Passing

If I still had a reason to wear skirts, I'd totally want a pair of these tights.

This saddens me. The potential loss of the rare Hawaiian silversword plant would be awful. It's such a beautiful plant. When I first saw them, the tour guide said the only big threat to them would be a volcanic eruption on Mt. Haleakala. But now, climate change might do them in.

Silversword Plant on Maui, 1985
I'm going to have to remember to visit Grand Central Station in March so I can see these dancers dressed up in costumes by Nick Cave.

What happens when Domo meets DC Comics. I'm going to have to get at least one of these.

Due to laziness, I'm thinking of consolidating my blogging. I'll still keep book reviews and comics reviews on separate blogs, but I'm thinking of putting an end to posting on my more political blog where I also posted about libraries and blogging. I haven't posted there in ages. If I do, I might put some of those posts here. Just a warning. ;)

Feeling: tired