Sunday, October 17, 2010


I was in Walgreen's, getting some cough drops and decided to check on the Halloween candy. I have an addiction for Candy Corn. I didn't find any (they're remodeling the store and still putting out stock), but I did find these chocolate covered orange Peeps. They came in milk chocolate, too, but I'm a dark chocolate loving gal, so you know which one I bought. Yeah, one. As in, one per pack. I forgot to check how many calories this thing had, but that's probably just as well. This was rich. And a tad too sweet, but very chocolatey. The chocolate was also a bit melted, so at the risk of hardening the marshmallow a bit, which can be very tasty, as per Mallomars, I think I'd like to try this refrigerated. Yes, I want another. Sooner rather than later. Yum.

Feeling: full