Thursday, October 21, 2010

Moody Times

Does anyone remember the old Unky Moods? They were cute little drawings showing different moods, done by Marc Lutz. A while ago, I saw someone had started them up again, using his old drawings with permission, then adding their own and calling them Punky Moods. So I added it back here. It means logging into the site and choosing a new mood, and I'll still post my mood on each post, but will try using the Punky Moods for a more overall expression of my emotional state. All of which is easier than uploading all those cute clip art moods I did after Unky Moods vanished and swapping out the code each post.

Had dinner with a couple of friends at a burger joint called Stand. Along with burger with bacon, fries, and fried pickle slices, I had a mini toasted marshmallow shake. Yum!

Feeling: stuffed after a big meal and rather sleepy.