Saturday, October 31, 2009

Today's Action

Took a walk with my cousin and her dog at a very nice park near her house. It's a nature center where they conduct class visits. And there's a duck pond!

Then we had lunch in Beverly Hills (a corned beef sandwich in a nice, old, Jewish deli), and went to the movies with a friend of hers. We saw Law Abiding Citizen because my cousin likes Jamie Foxx. It's not as bad as some of the reviews I saw said it was, but it wasn't good, either. It was fairly predictable and gory and implausible, but I don't hold implausibility against a movie if it's entertaining. This one was borderline in that regard. There were some nice bits, especially the intricacies of the villain's scheming, and I enjoyed seeing Bruck McGill and Colm Meany in supporting roles, but Jamie Foxx seemed too generic in the role. I was expecting a bit more fire from him, I guess.

Dinner was at a ribs place with a varied menu, so I had a yummy hamburger and fries. Now I'm stuffed. I've eaten so much this trip I'm sure I've gained weight, so I'll be dieting when I get home for sure.

Feeling: stuffed

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