Tuesday, November 03, 2009

All Trips Must Come to an End

I don't get jet lagged going west, but coming back east is murder. I was not in any way tired last night and ended up staying up til 4:30 am. I think I ended up getting 4 or 5 hours of sleep when I finally got to bed.

Now I'm watching taped shows from while I was away. I'm currently watching last week's Halloween episode of Castle. Not only does Nathan Fillion still look good dressed as Mal Reynolds of Firefly, there was some neat dialogue between Castle and his daughter where she reminds him there are no cows in space when he says he's a space cowboy, which refers to the confusion about Firefly when it aired. And when she asked didn't he wear that five years ago, I actually laughed. So good. And a few notes of the Firefly theme were a nice touch! Oh, and his Buffy reference was nice, too, because he guested on that show as a really evil preacher, the guy responsible for Xander losing his eye. Very cool all around.

The trip was wonderful and I'm still on vacation. No work for another week plus! There will be some chocolicious posts coming up.

Feeling: jet lagged

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