Monday, August 17, 2009

A Grand Day

A friend and I went to the High Line park today and I can report that it's very nice. The city did a great job and it'll be even nicer when it's extended to 34th St. But it was too hot and humid to stay out for long.

After, we went to Le Grainne Cafe for lunch and had crepes, then ice cream for dessert. I didn't have my macro lens with me, so this picture isn't as well focused as I would've liked. But the restaurant was nice and cozy and the food was wonderful. You can get the crepes with a choice of 3 fillings. I had chicken, egg, and bacon.

Finally, we ducked into the General Theological Seminary of the Episcopal Church which has lovely gardens and is one of the hidden wonders of the Chelsea neighborhood in Manhattan. You have to leave a photo ID to gain entrance, but it's worth it.

Feeling: content

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