Monday, February 09, 2009

Some Stuff

Too tired to come up with a cool title.

Our seats from Shea Stadium finally arrived! As souvenirs go, these are well worth the money. They're practical! We can sit in them! Coolness.

Watched a presidential press conference on TV for the first time since, uh, sometime during the Clinton administration. It was nice to listen to a president not mangle the English language.

Now that I've lost weight, thanks to this never ending intestinal problem, I need to replace jeans that are now at least one size too large. And it's been frustrating. Even the Gap no longer sells their classic 5-pocket, hi-rise, jeans. I'm running out of things to wear. A nice problem, but still, a problem.

I enjoyed 2 days at NY Comic Con (Friday and Sunday), spent money, and now have to wait a year and a half til the next one because next year's has been moved to October. Plenty of time for me to save up for it, I guess.


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