Wednesday, February 04, 2009

One Link Two Link

Snatches of NYC, captured in Legos. So cool.

If you've ever been confused about the spelling of "definitely," this site is for you. And while I think I linked to the Apostrophe Abuse blog before, it deserves a mention here.

I saw these Squishables at New York Comic Con today (Friday, 2/6). Not only do they look adorable, but they are incredibly squishable. You can't help but hug 'em tight. And the folks at the booth encouraged hugging. I hugged a panda, a tiger, and a lion. I plan to get one for myself and one each for a couple of friends.

You Are a Red Pen

You have an eagle eye for detail, and this often means you end up finding mistakes in people's work.

You may seem quick to criticize or correct, but you think accuracy and truth is important.

You like to be involved in every project. You feel like you put the polishing touch on things.

You would make a good editor, detective, or accountant. When facts matter, you're the person to call on.
Heh heh

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