Friday, January 23, 2009

Bad Blogger No Biscuit

I feel like this blog has become a health diary. I'm boring myself with this. And I missed blogging a few days here. It's weird, because I've always found something to blog about here, even while ignoring my other blogs, but this week, I blogged more elsewhere.

Some test results are back, confirming an inflamed colon. Still need other tests done, the icky sort of tests. You should thank me for not going into detail. The gist of this is that this is going to take time to heal, which is most annoying. At least I've lost weight. I hope once I can eat everything again, I manage to keep the weight off.

Battlestar Galactica managed to surprise me with one revelation tonight. The rest was rather predictable -- mutiny! -- but it was inevitable. As the series winds down, I can't wait to see who -- and how many -- will be left standing. I have some ideas how this might end, but as the show continually amazes me, I'm trying to not try to out-think the writers. Of course, the whole examination of power, authority, corruption, righteousness, political expediency, and all the other issues that cropped up over the past 4 years on the show seemed more relevant when Bush was in office. But still, much food for thought. It's not a show I see myself ever rewatching, but I'm so glad I've been watching it now.

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