Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Medical Update

Colonoscopy revealed an inflammation, which doctor says is better than the CT scan back in November. He gave me an anti-inflammatory to take instead of the anti-spasmodic, which wasn't doing a damned thing. Tissue samples were taken for testing, and I ... uh, need to collect other samples for testing, so until all those test results are in, the jury is still out, but today was the best I felt in over a week, and my brain was actually functioning, which was a nice change of pace. The last few days, due to dehydration due to the colitis and the prep for the colonoscopy, I felt I was thinking in slow motion. I managed to stay awake for most of it, watching on the monitor, which is always a bit trippy, but I guess I conked out near the end, because I don't know how I ended up back in the little recovery room. Maybe next time, I'll stay awake the entire time. This is my third colonoscopy -- and everyone over 50 should have at least one, because colon cancer is very treatable if found early as it's slow growing, but I digress -- and each time, I seem to stay awake longer.

So, I managed to see the actual inauguration on TV, which was wonderful. Our new president (I like saying that), gave a good speech, full of hope, yet reminding people there will be tough times ahead and we all need to do our part). Seeing the footage of all those people at the Mall in Washington DC, and in locations throughout NYC, and listening to interviews with people tearing up and saying they never thought they'd see this day was extremely moving. For one day, we came together as a nation. I hope that feeling lasts, even as reality sets in that our problems won't be fixed overnight.

Feeling: okay, sorta

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