Saturday, November 08, 2008

Why I Don't Use My Real Name

My employer now has a blogging policy. While it mostly covers blogging (and by blogging, they mean all interaction online on social sites as well as blogging) at work, which is allowed if it advances the employer's services in some way, there's stuff about blogging outside of work with regard to what can and can't be said. Not that I'd ever insult my employer online, but it's quite clear that being careful is the prudent way to go.

Meanwhile, I had my procedure and the test results are due back on Monday. Ninety-nine per cent nothing to worry about. So of course, I'm wondering if that one percent could be me.

In writing a post on my LiveJournal, I mentioned that I can be more upfront about some things anonymously than where people actually know me. Some of my LJ friends are real life friends. My Facebook friends are all people I know in real life. While I mentioned on LJ that I had a health issue to deal with, I didn't explain. I haven't mentioned it on Facebook. And yet, while a few people I know offline read this blog, I have no hesitancy in mentioning that I had a biopsy (and the doctor took more sample this time than the last time I had this done. Ouch!) and now my boob is sore (I can see the search string now for "sore boobs"). And it's the left one, yep, the side with the frozen shoulder, so now my left arm aches and I can't do my stretches because that makes the boob hurt more and it's a big annoyance right now. I really don't want to go backward with the arm/shoulder and I don't have another physical therapy session for 2 weeks.

I should go find some fun links to share, but I'm too distracted and lazy to bother. Oh wait, I bookmarked this video the other night, of David Letterman's Election Coverage recap. It's truly amazing. I watched it live, then on a whim, Googled it and the video was online in a number of places. We do live in interesting times, immediate and connected times.


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