Sunday, November 09, 2008

Can't be Bored by Board Games

You Are Chinese Checkers

You live a hyper, fast paced life. You rarely ever slow down.

You are good at juggling many things at once. You are the ultimate multi-tasker.

You enjoy being in a group - in fact the bigger the group, the better.

You are an enthusiastic competitor, and you can be a little ruthless when you play games.

IMG_0408Now, I loved playing Chinese Checkers when I was a kid and still have the old game my parents had that I played with endlessly. I loved the sound of the marbles clicking against the metal playing surface. When I wasn't playing the game, I'd turn the board over and roll the marbles around the back, which had grooves. It was kinda like racing marbles.

I loved and still love Monopoly, Sorry, Scrabble, and Boggle, among others. But Chinese Checkers has a special place in my memory.

However, the description in the quiz results couldn't be more wrong. Oh well.


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