Friday, November 14, 2008


I named 11 organs in 4 minutes! How many internal organs can you name in 4 minutes?

So I took this quiz I found on Lady Banana's blog, and I must say, it was annoying as all get out. First, it wouldn't take "skin," which is the body's largest organ. Then, it wouldn't take adrenal glands, so I spent time trying to figure out what to try. It liked adrenals. Then there was colon. Nope, didn't like that. Finally got it to accept intestines. Really, there's the illium and the colon, or I could've tried large intestine and small intestine. So I wasted time on that and forgot about the thyroid gland, which given I have a thyroid condition, is a glaring omission. I then moved to testes, but nope, that didn't work. It did like testicles, though. Seriously. You do a quiz, you should accept alternate forms and have a way to not count all forms if typed in. I guess that requires a bit more programming.

So, I went to Wikipedia. Granted, not the foremost authority, but all in all, not bad. Here's a list under Organs. The quiz listed the ones I missed, including "veins." Huh? What about arteries? And together, veins and arteries are.... wait for it.... BLOOD VESSELS! One (arteries) brings oxygenated blood to the various body parts, and the other (veins) removes waste, including carbon dioxide.

I thought I'd typed thymus. Maybe I misspelled it. At any rate, the quiz didn't credit me for it. And when you expand the Glands list on Wikipedia, you find a whole lot more than the quiz lists. Now, are all glands considered organs? It's been decades since I took biology (in high school, then college). But if some are accepted by the quiz, shouldn't others be?

The quiz said I missed Eyes. No mention was made of Ears. hmmm..... And the quiz made no mention of the poor nose? Vision needs an organ or two, but hearing doesn't? Or smell? And the quiz made no mention of skin. That's one thing I do remember from those biology classes. Skin is the body's largest organ.

Sorry, folks. While I don't really take internet quizzes seriously, I take this one the least serious of them all. It is rather lacking in consistency and accuracy.


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