Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More Observations

Nice techie at TimeWarner rebooted my cable modem, which probably needs to be replaced, so my high speed internet is working again. I could get online but not do much of anything the last couple of days. How I managed to post is amazing.

Anyway, I just got a union newsletter, dated October 1st, urging me to vote for Obama/Biden. As they say, timing is everything. Guess things worked out, but I wonder how many other people got this late. What a waste of my union dues.

Got my teeth cleaned today. My dentist's office is in a skyscraper in midtown Manhattan. The elevators, in accordance to the Americans for Disabilities Act, have braille next to the floor buttons. But, the elevators now work off a call system. You press a station in the corridor by the elevator bank for the floor you want, the system tells you which elevator to take, and when you get inside, your floor button is already pressed. Now, that screen is a touch screen. I didn't see any way a blind person -- the person who would have used the braille inside the elevator to find his or her floor button to press -- would use it. Maybe voice activated? I didn't see any indication. Next time, I'll have to check, because if there's no way to use it if you can't see, it defeats the purpose of helping sight-impaired persons from being independent. I suppose they could still enter and press the button for their desired floor, which you need to do once upstairs, but I'm not sure the system works that way. It was most perplexing.


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