Friday, September 05, 2008

Thoughts that Dropped Out of My Head

So, folks, it's time to start practicing defensive walking. It's like defensive driving, only with the car. We need to do this because, not only do a lot of pedestrians not pay attention to where they're going because they're busy talking on their cellphones, they're also texting. Yes, texting while crossing the street. It's my latest pet peeve. I saw this odd behavior twice today. A woman this morning, a man lunchtime. Neither seemed in any way aware or bothered that they were surrounded by people who had to dodge out of their way and that there were cars revving their engines in anticipation of the light turning green. Although the guy walking through the subway station on my way home while reading a newspaper wasn't much better.

I have managed to finally activate mobile blogging, as you may have noticed from my sparse test post. I will not be doing that while walking and especially not while crossing busy intersections.

Been playing on Facebook and reconnecting with some old school friends. A couple aren't online that we can find, so we'll have to resort to something a bit more old-fashioned: a letter. On paper. The mind boggles. Still, it's been fun and we hope we can work out an in-person reunion.


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