Sunday, September 07, 2008

Cyber Sundae

Hanna blew in, dumped a lot of rain, and blew out, and today is gorgeous, but I stayed home to finish setting up my new PC. Except I can't add all the software I want because I'm still waiting for Wordperfect and Photoshop for Vista to arrive. And I need an adaptor or such for the printer to plug it into a USB port and then I need to hope I can find drivers for it to work with Vista. But otherwise, all is well, and I got back online without a problem.

Here are some fun links for a lazy late summer Sunday.

This Wordperhect wordprocessor might be on to something. I'm just not sure what. But it is fun. ;) Found on The Thinks I Think, which is a very cool blog, btw; if you're not reading it, you might want to check it out.

Now this looks like fun. Print out these TV Character Cubees and make your own paper figures. No glue needed. Found on Neatorama.

The Presurfer draws our attention to this Death by Chocolate post on Purple Slinky.


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