Friday, August 22, 2008

Nothing in Particular

So, Stargate Atlantis ends after this season, to be followed by a TV movie, but the franchise will live on in the 3rd Stargate series: Stargate Universe, which sounds like the SG version of Star Trek Voyager. I have faith it will be better written than Voyager was.

I think I forgot to mention one of the things I loved about Maine: No billboards! So refreshing. I like interesting signs, but I prefer them on stores, not big ones blocking scenic views, even scenic city views.

Went to a retirement party after work. It was nice to see so many faces from the past. I hated to leave before it was over, but I have work tomorrow, when we'll have our end of the summer reading club celebration. It should be a busy day, which means it should pass quickly.


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