Thursday, August 21, 2008

Because I Needed Something to Blog About

This was surprisingly accurate given one question was impossible to answer: Do you sleep on your left or right side? There was no other option. No On your back. No, toss and turn/alternate. No On your stomach. I tend to alternate from side to side til I fall asleep, but with my left shoulder injured, I've been sleeping mostly on my back/right side, so I answered Right side. Here's the result I got.

What Your Bed Says About You

Outward appearances aren't important to you at all. You think that the over emphasis on looks to be shallow.

You are an organized and disciplined person. You do the right thing because you want to, not because people expect you to.

You are not very high maintenance in general, but you are high maintenance about a few things.

In relationships, you tend to be quite dominant. You enjoy taking charge.

You tend to be a down to earth, practical person. You think in terms of what is actual.

You are a bit of a homebody, but you can also make yourself at home anywhere.

And so begins Year 5 of this blog.


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