Monday, August 11, 2008

Chocolate Snack Review

I don't get to review much on this blog, but hubby brought home a bag of these Chex Mix Select Dark Chocolate snacks and I had to rave about it here. There really isn't much of a mix that I can see. A few chocolate covered pretzels, a few chocolate disks, a bunch of small chocolate pellets coated in red candy (like tiny M&Ms), but mostly, it's the Chex, coated in chocolate and they'd be worth getting this for even if there weren't other treats with them. This is an excellent taste combination, and not all that fattening. It does say 60 per cent less fat on the bag. Of course, if you eat the whole bag in one sitting, it probably is fattening as that's supposed to be 6 serving. The bag holds 7 oz. It's always nice to find a chocolate snack that won't break the diet and still tastes yummy.

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