Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I Got Nothing

Really. Too tired to think. Been busy with photos and flickr and sneezing. My allergies seem worse indoors right now than outside. Although a smoker's cigarette on the way home tonight really set off the runny nose syndrome. feh

But it was a gorgeous spring day here in NYC. They seem rare, indeed, and must be enjoyed. So I did, walking around during my lunch hour, taking photos, and blowing my nose. ;)


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  1. The weather here is also very nice, so I went out to the park for lunch, sadly we only get 30 mins so I was back before I could really enjoy it!

    I guess you're already taking anti-histamines...

  2. I can't take a lot of drugs due to the other drugs I take. So basically, it's Allegra, which, like anything I've taken in the past, loses effectiveness the more I take it.


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