Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My Day So Far

T'is an off day from work because I'm working Saturday, so I went to the gym, then figured I'd get in a little shopping in Macy's (well, just look around for bargains). The train in front of mine had an engaged emergency brake. That's a 20 minute wait, easily. I had my book to read, but it did get me to the gym a bit later than planned, closer to lunch hour, but at least it wasn't crowded. And yet, same as always, I pick a locker in an empty corner to change into my gym clothes and stow my stuff, and when I went to change back, the seat in front was taken, this time not by a few people but one big fat woman who had her bag on the bench and saw no reason to apologize, say sorry, move her bag, or even acknowledge my presence. Feh on her. At least, I'd only gained 3 pounds back since last time a few months ago, not as bad as I'd feared. A half hour on the treadmill as I try to build up my stamina again went a long way to making me feel better.

And then, in the store, a woman rushing past me, admittedly a woman younger than myself, actually said Excuse me (so polite), but she ruined the affect by adding, "m'am." M'am! Mentally, I'm still in my 30s, maybe early-'40s. I will never feel like a "m'am."

It warmed up more than I'd thought it would, too (it hadn't yesterday much even tho it was supposed to), so I was also overdressed.

I stopped in a toy store, too, to find toys or action figures to be models in my photos, but there wasn't much left. Too soon after holiday shopping, I guess.

Now, I have to go clean the bathrooms. *sigh*


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