Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Links for a New Year

Well, I found another site to spend my money: Celebriducks! I'm gonna try to get the Mike Piazza duck. I have to email for availability.

The Presurfer alerts us to the Monoface site. You click the face and the features change. This isn't complicated, but for some odd reason, the entertainment factor is high, like the thrill you get watching pigeons try to eat a piece of bread bigger than their beak. .... You mean, you don't find that entertaining?

Yet another blog directory kind of site: Placeblogger. Found on Boing Boing.

From my del.icio.us sub for "chocolate": MarieBelle Fine Chocolates, a recipe for Molten Chocolate Cakes, a "Great Chocolate Cake" recipe on GourmetSleuth.com, Death by Chocolate and more at CacaoWeb, and a Chocolate Pi Tee-Shirt.


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