Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Random Statements in No Particular Order

I'm very happy TNT ran the special 2-hour The Closer twice, consecutively, tonight. So I got to watch Heroes at 9, then the repeat of The Closer at 10. Both were excellent. The Closer was especially fine and has one of the best "squad room" casts ever assembled for a cop show. I've always adored Tony Denison and GW Bailey and am thrilled to get to see them regularly.

The problem with having a few days off is that there is more to do than hours to do them. I spend too much time trying to figure out which errands and fun things I want to try to do and if they can fit into the day, then actually doing them, it seems.

Our refrigerator seems to be on the fritz. Added to the hole in the wall above the air conditioner in the bedroom, it means there will be repair people in our future.

Still haven't trapped the damn mouse.

It got cold out.

Hurricane season has officially ended. This is not as big a deal for NYers as for folks closer to the action, but the year wasn't as bad as the last couple of years.

The Islanders managed to beat the Rangers yesterday and are in first place in their division. They're not likely to stay there, but it's nice.

The Jets trounced Green Bay. If they keep playing this well, they might lure me back into watching football.

The problem I have with magazines is that the new issues come before I can finish reading the new ones.


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