Thursday, December 07, 2006

More Randomness

Eek, haven't updated here in a couple of days. So sorry, don't know how it happened. Well, I do, actually. I've been busy moderating comments on the suddenly popular The View from Here. Being a Blog of Note, it's been popular.

Anyway, here's a fashion statement I won't be making: Dogs and totes.

Why does everything break or fall apart at once? Along with the hole in the wall above the bedroom air conditioner, we now have a dying refrigerator, bedroom furniture that will be sticks soon at the rate it's falling apart, and a dvd player that first refuses to take in dvds to play, but once it does, won't give them back. And my beloved, 21-year-old bomber jacket has a shredded left shoulder. A hole was patched up a year ago, but the complete wearing out of the leather on the left shoulder, covering a large area, might be irreparable. It's a soft, crinkly copper brown leather with brown fuzzy collar. I haven't seen anything like it to replace it with. Damn.

Sometimes, you're not sure you want to know the story behind what's been Overheard in New York.

Someday, in the not too distant future, every block in New York City will have at least one bank, one drugstore, and one Starbucks.

Willard Wigan makes really tiny sculptures.


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