Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Here's the Ninja Devil Ducky (or is that, Devil Ninja Ducky?) I got on eBay. Cute fella, ain't he?
27Dec06 002

And he plays well with others. You'll note the female pronoun in the pic below. I'm still deciding on ninja's sex.

No work today, so did the laundry and backed up the picture files on my PC. Didn't have to do much cleaning because I did most of that on Monday, that day we get off for a holiday I don't celebrate. I'd much rather get a Jewish holiday off and not need to take vacation time for that and work on Christmas. I know a number of Jewish people who would work on Christmas at the library (well, I did, but some of them have since retired).

This is very cool. A Google Maps mashup to spell with buildings and such. Link found on Google Blogoscoped.

And so concludes tonight's blogging. Thanks for dropping by. See you tomorrow.


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