Monday, November 13, 2006

Tastes Like a Monday

13Nov2006 006 A friend went to the Chocolate Show on Saturday and brought me back these goodies. The mice were yummy. Ganache inside, different flavors. White chocolate mouse was kinda musky and dark chocolate mouse was fruity.

Also on the weekend, hubby went shopping and brought home this set of Homicide DVDs, the entire series. I love the packaging. It's a file cabinet, and there are file dividers inside by season, with episode info. Very cool.

Here's an annoyance from this morning: Woman in the elevator with her 2 kids when I get on. They're standing a foot or so back from the door and she doesn't move them to the side, as would be considerate, to let someone in. Space was tight and someone got on a floor after me. We both had to step around the little family group. Which wasn't what annoyed me. Okay, she's inconsiderate. What annoyed me is that she's teaching her kids to be inconsiderate, too.

13Nov2006 004
Meanwhile, the day was hardly what one hopes for on the first day back to work after a vacation. Aside from forgetting to dial 9 for outside calls, there were all sorts of crazy and/or irate patron nonsense to put up with. I sure wish I could blog about that sort of stuff. It was a relief to get out of there, with my chocolate. The chocomice really helped smooth things over tonight. ;)

I'll end with this fortune cookie fortune from dinner last night:
"Discontent is the first necessity of progress."
Well, we've certainly got discontent in this country, and maybe the election results mean progress is coming.


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