Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Blog Roll Keeps Rolling Along

And it's getting bigger every day, the blogroll is. So many folks left comments on The View from Here that I had to go look at their blogs and I liked a few of them, so added them to my extensive reading list in Bloglines.

So, why not check out Skittle's Place, John's Left Field, and Becoming a New Yorker. I also found a couple while reading the Blogger Help Group and added them: Lady Banana and Mattias Ink. So if the sidebar seems horribly long now, it's because of the blogroll there. This is one of the few of my blogs that I include the entire public blogroll. I suppose I should trim it again. Or make a few private since they rarely update anymore but I'd hate to miss an entry if they do.

I'll probably find more new ones though, because not only do I check out these blogs of people who leave comments, but if I like them, I check out their blogrolls, too. That's how I found nearly half the blogs I read. So try a few you find here; you might find something you like.


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