Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Today's Post Has Been Cancelled

And in its place is this feeble substitute.

The Mets are proving themselves human tonight. NCIS was wonderful. I'm watching a typically entertaining episode of House. And, as often is the case on that show, an interesting ethical issue was explored. What happens when a doctor knows a personal secret about a patient that could affect the cure and involves another person? Is the doctor obligated to tell the other person? Or should the doctor stick with the medical issues? The case in point involved a patient getting a liver donation by her lover whom she was planning to leave, a fact the doctors were aware of. The medicine on the show might be a bit farfetched, flying off into rarity, but the questions it poses are thought-provoking.

Alias is back for its final episodes tomorrow and I can't muster enough interest to watch.

Work's been hectic. Yeah, right, there's a newsflash. And I still have dozens of projects at home needing my attention.


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