Monday, April 17, 2006

Name the Pet

Mal Pet

Mal now has a pet. Ain't he cute? But his name (his tag said: "Bad Boy Astor") won't do, so I'm currently entertaining suggestions. Serenity is the name of Mal's car, so that won't do, either. If you have a suggestion, leave a comment to this post. Thanks. :)

Apparently, there's a new way to say "Excuse me." You (gently) shove someone (in this case, it was me) out of your way. The bitch woman in the small grocery was fairly young, maybe in her early 20s, and acted as if I wasn't in her way. Just shoved right past me to the deli counter. And she wasn't even yakking on a cell phone, so really, no excuse (not that cell phones are good excuses) for her unbelievable rudeness. Sheesh.


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