Saturday, March 04, 2006

Tiny Studio Apartment

Originally uploaded by ShellyS.
Over the years, I've described the apartment I lived in on the Upper East Side of Manhattan from Oct. 1979 to Aug. 1985 when I got married. It was 8 feet wide and the main room was 16 feet long, plus there was an 8 foot long hallway where the kitchen was located. The teeny bathroom, which miraculously had a full-sized tub, was between the main room and the kitchenette. There's a large stain on the ceiling. That's water damage from the perpetual leak that plagued me the entire time I lived there. Oh, and in the part you can't see, where I was sitting while taking the photo, was a loveseat/sofabed. When it was open, there was no room to walk around it so I had to climb in and out from the foot of the bed.