Thursday, March 23, 2006

Thursday Stuff

Yet another entry in the category of great 404 pages. Found on Very Big Blog.

In typing today's subject title, I realized I often mistype "Thursday" as "Thrushday." Once a Man from UNCLE fan, always a Man from UNCLE fan, I guess.

TV sucks tonight. No CBS shows due to the NCAA tournament. Mets pre-season game was rained out. No Islanders game. I have the NJ Devils on. However, I just remembered the new Sleuth TV cable channel, so all might not be lost. Miami Vice is airing as I type this. But I was never the biggest Miami Vice fan. Maybe the next show will be more to my liking.

Work has been hectic. We're doing training in prep of getting a major upgrade to our circulation system in another two weeks. Then I come home to a stack of started projects, most of which I want to get finished by mid-May when I go on vacation.


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