Sunday, February 12, 2006

View Through My Window

Well, it's still snowing. Supposed to be a couple of feet. Been falling 3 inches per hour for a while now. Of course, with temps due up to 50°F by mid-week, we're due for a lot of slush and icy water in a few days. Wouldn't mind a snow day tomorrow, but one never can tell with our library system. Probably won't know til the morning. The thing is, Manhattan is usually fine once the snow stops falling, because the plows are out in force. But the outer boroughs not only tend to get more snow, it takes longer to plow it. I have a small hill to navigate to the subway and it's very slick in weather like this. I don't like the idea of falling now that I know my bones are kinda brittle, so I wouldn't mind a day off so they can shovel and plow out there. Althought, I'd love to get out and take photos. Ah, the urges of a photoblogger!