Monday, February 13, 2006

Day of the Clutz

And as with luck, the clutziness came in threes. First, I squirted hand cream all over myself. Then, I poured water from the water cooler at work on my hand. For the finale, I dropped part of dinner on the floor.

Today was also, apparently, junk snack food day. Normal, relatively healthy snacking will resume tomorrow.

Despite the annoyance of the extreme fading of my early color photos, it's been fun going through them. And realizing one of my mother's cousins is almost as old as his father, my great uncle, was before he died. And seeing photos of my father when he still had some hair. Not back when he was young and had a full head of hair or even a receding hairline, but when he was middle-aged and there was still dark hair around the sides.

I'm not much of an Olymics fan, so there will be no Olympics blogging. Meanwhile, baseball season kicks off later this week, with pitchers and catchers reporting on or around 2/15. I love this time of year, when anything seems possible, even for the worst team of the past year. Wait til next year becomes this year.

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