Monday, February 27, 2006

Monday's Almost Over

What is it about Mondays? They seem to take forever to end, especially the part where I'm at work. And I heard about two more deaths today: Dennis Weaver and author Frederick Busch. I read only one of Busch's books: The Night Inspector, an historical novel that was excellent. Set in NYC after the Civil War, it featured Herman Melville as a character. Anyway, I feel like I've subscribed to the famous people dying rss feed or something.

Frigid cold, so I didn't get my morning and lunch walks in, which add to my overall feeling of lethargy. It hasn't been a bad winter, all in all, but I'm ready for spring.

My big accomplishment tonight was doing an Excel list of my pull list. That's comic book lingo for the books pulled and set aside weekly for folks who are regular customers and who opt for this sorta subscription service. Gives you an idea of how my day was, I guess.