Sunday, January 01, 2006

So Far, So Good

Well, the new year is almost a day old and so far, except for cloudy and rainy weather, it's been okay so far.

It looks like Hot Chocolate might finally get the respect it deserves, and the specialty drink treatment, according to this article.

I've been busy uploading older photos to flickr. I have only another couple of hundred to go. *sigh*

Every time I try to catch up with something, something else comes up that I want to do.

I noticed my book review blog lost a Bloglines subscriber. Now, that can mean lots of things, including someone finding another way to read it, but I'm starting to obsess over it. Which, given I no longer check the counter or most of the other stats, is a bit weird.

Otherwise, it's been a quiet day. The Chinese food wasn't all that great now that it's the next day, so the quest for good Chinese food in this neighborhood continues. I sure do miss the restaurant that closed.