Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Brokeback Movie

I'm working on Saturday so had today off, so I took myself to see "Brokeback Mountain. It's truly an amazing movie, though sad, hence the mood icon below. I used to go to the movies by myself a lot before I got married and even after, for a while, when hubby didn't want to see something. But I got out of the habit and it took "Serenity" this fall, which I HAD to see to get me to go alone again. In NYC, in Manhattan, so many people go to an afternoon movie by themselves, it's not looked on as unusual at all. So there I was with another 11 or 12 people enjoying a noontime showing, munhcing on Sno-Caps(!). It's really not a movie without Sno-Caps.

Heath Ledger and Jake Glynenhaal are both wonderful (and hot) and Michelle Williams was amazing as Heath's wife, or rather, Ennis' wife, and knowing they fell in love during the making of the movie gave the whole thing an extra dimension for me. He was properly closed off as Ennis and Jake as Jack Frost was too open with his feelings and the ending was pre-ordained and was still, thanks to Ang Lee's understated directing, poignant and meaningful. I really felt the impact of their actions, their acting on their feelings and urges, on themselves and the people who loved them.

A nice way to spend what turned out to be a dreary day, though at least we didn't get the heavy rainstorms predicted last night. Lots of heavy fog, though. It looked like the tops of Manhattan's buildings were being eaten.

Feeling: But more like melancholy, but I didn't make an icon for that. Yet.