Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Tuesday Update

Well, that's hardly a creative title, but I'm out of good titles, it seems. I put up a poll on The Write Stuff to help me pick a title for the sequel to my WIR (work in revision). Anyone should be able to vote, but you might have to have a LiveJournal name.

Was a step behind or off all day. I blame lack of sleep. When I went to bed Sunday, I was wide awake and the lack of sleep that night set the week off on the wrong foot. Which makes it a rerun of the last couple of weeks.

The new template on Shelly's Book Shelf seems to be a success. Folks have said they like it. One of these days, I'll learn how to code templates like it, maybe even learn how to code something like this one.

Finally got all my digital photos uploaded to flickr. Another project for another time is to start scanning in my best film shots. The color is starting to fade on a lot of the older ones, which is very annoying.