Monday, October 03, 2005

Domestic Goddess NOT

I have a button that says: "The only thing domestic about me is that I was born here." Vacation day today, spent it cleaning bathrooms, kitchen, vacuuming, and a quick shopping trip. I do detest cleaning, but it has to be done every week or three.

Did buy a long denim skirt. It's not easy finding long skirts with pockets big enough for wallets and keys. I've lamented about that before. And when I find something, I usually end up buying it. Got meat and veggies, too, and milk, at a different store. The skirt's from Eddie Bauer; the rest from a supermarket, but you probably guessed that.

No more baseball season. Playoffs start soon, and hockey's back on Wednesday, but it feels weird not having the Mets to watch til next year.

Today was one of those days off where I got up early, got a fair amount of stuff done, then got overwhelmed with the urge to curl up and go to sleep after dinner. I didn't. I'm here, awake, typing this, because if I go to sleep too early, I either won't be able to sleep or I will and wake up around midnight and won't be able to sleep after that, which will mean I'll be exhausted tomorrow. It's a vicious cycle, this change of life time.

And I still have a shitload of stuff I want to get done before going back to work on Thursday.