Sunday, October 02, 2005

Sunday and Me

"Sunday and Me" is a song Jay and the Americans did that I'm particulary fond of and Jay never does it in concert, well, not since hubby and I have been going to his concerts. But his son Beau sang it at the last concert, and the title is appropriate for today's entry, so there it is.

This is way cool. Track the journey of humankind interactively. (Found on Grow-a-Brain.)

Mike Piazza, the best catcher the Mets have ever had (and probably the best looking and they've had some great looking guys), was honored at Shea Stadium today in the middle of the game. I got teary-eyed. He'll probably DH in the American League next year, but I want him to finish his career with the Mets. He's given his heart and soul to this team. He set the home run record for a catcher as a Met. And he is much loved. He'll be going into the Hall of Fame after he retires, and it better be as a Met (Gary Carter, the Mets catcher when they won the Series in '86, was denied his wish to go into the Hall as a Met and had to do it as an Expo, which he'd been prior to the Mets), not a Dodger (Mike's former team). His curtain calls today got curtain calls. He's the classiest player we've ever had.

Now I think I need a malted.