Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Random Brain Leakage

Definitely one of those days. They come rather often, though. We had a power surge, or something,at work and the computers either froze or rebooted. Mine rebooted, which threw me out of a couple of databases. At least, I didn't lose any work, having already saved a file I'd been updating.

On the plus side, scored a copy of the previously sold out/out of stock Serenity pb movie adaptation at the comic shop. Jeff at Forbidden Planet nicely checked and saw a delivery had arrived and opened a box so I could get a copy. And the movie hasn't even opened yet! I won't read the book until I see the movie, which will be in a couple of weeks. I won't be able to see it the opening weekend, but I plan to see it soon thereafter.

On the negative side, the day's computer problems continued when I got home. The cable's been really wonky this week. Til today, it was mostly affecting TV reception. We have digital cable and the transmission kept freezing for a few seconds, but tonight, that happened AND the cable modem kept freezing my internet connection. Grrrr..... Hopefully, all is well now and I'll be able to post this.

Okay, it took a while. I kept losing the connection. I finally ended up on AOL on a dial-up connection and then I lost that. But the cable modem seems to be back in full force, so with luck, I'll get this posted.

Meanwhile, watched the new show Invasion. It's got some good things going for it. Lost, which I don't watch, as a lead-in; nothing on opposite I want to watch; a nice cast, especially the hunky Eddie Cibrian from Third Watch; and Shaun Cassidy at the helm. I've loved his shows, even though they don't last very long. I hope this one sticks around for a few years, because it has me intrigued.