Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Return of Hump Day

And it's also the last day of summer. And what a beautiful day, too. Tomorrow, fall is supposed to kick off with a day equally beautiful. We never got the heavy rainstorms predicted for most of yesterday.

I've been making LiveJournal-sized icons (100 x 100 px) out of my photos. They're pretty addicting, little art pieces. Getting just the right part of a photo that will stand on its own. I made 35 of the suckers last night (they're still .psd files) and now I don't know if I want to add text to them, or leave them as is, or what. I'll probably share them with the LJ community and anyone else who wants them, maybe along with some larger backgrounds/textures I've made.

This, from Overheard in New York, is a good one. Well, they're all good, but I commuted on the Long Island RailRoad for 8 years in the '70s and this is so true. The LIRR, when faced with not being able to meet their schedules most days, simply changed the schedules by adding 5-10 minutes to each trip, and still couldn't be on time.

"Conductor: Thank you for riding the Long Island Railroad. We bring you yesterday's technology tomorrow!