Thursday, September 01, 2005

Only Thing Missing is a Full Moon

Been one of those days. Been one of those weeks. I'd say it's been one of those months, but today's only the 1st. End of the month stuff added stress as usual, with timesheets, stats, and reports. Add the post office delivering dozens of pieces of mail for other addresses in the neighbhorhood that I had to sort out and throw in some miscellaneous problems (those things I promised myself I'd never blog about because they are too work specific) and if it weren't for the beautiful weather, I wouldn't be able to find a good thing to say about today. Oh, the pizza for lunch was yummy. That makes two good things. Gotta find those silver linings where one can.

Some folks are having trouble seeing the comments when they click on comments, but are getting them when they click on the permalink for the page and can comment then. I really like the hide/show comments, but I'll try changing them back if enough folks are having problems with this new format. I did try it out in preview before making it live and it worked fine for me.