Thursday, September 01, 2005

All's Well That Ends... uh, Well

Nothing like a little shopping spree to cheer me up after a pain in the ass day. No sales tax on clothes under $110 week, which made it all the more sweet. Bought a nice long sleeved, red pullover top and more socks and pantyhose. Very nice black with red stripes pantyhose. Will look nice with a black skirt and the new top.

I have a new favorite phrase, from Hot and Sweaty Rex by Eric Garcia: "...go fuck a monitor lizard..." Just seems like the perfect curse, doesn't it?

The news out of New Orleans just gets worse and worse. It's just so incredibly sad and I wish our president would act more presidential, even statesmanly, maybe even, y'know, like a leader. We donate money because every little bit helps, but it feels so inadequate.