Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Cool Stuff

I wanted to title this post Cool Shit, but for some reason can't bring myself to use profanity in the titles. So, be it known, here you'll find some cool shit.

I got distracted by Blogger Hacks and ended up putting hide and seek commenting here and on Shelly's Book Shelf. I tried it on Book Shelf first because that's still a Blogger template. This blog was a bit trickier since the template is different in many ways. I ended up with comments not showing at all, then copied the old commenting code back in. Cat had it so clicking on comments got you directly to the comment page where you could comment. With the hide and seek feature, you can see the comments here without leaving the page, and can click on leave comment if you want to say something. Thank goodness for Preview so I could see if and how much I'd screwed up before saving.

Also on Book Shelf, I added the hack for most recent comments in the sidebar, or rather, links to them. I think this blog has enough crap things in the sidebar already.

It's not that I needed to do these things, but I couldn't pass up the chance to try them. Of all the hacks Blogger had listed, these were the ones that most appealed to me.

Here's a nifty blog: Pencil Revolution. (Found on Blogger Buzz.)

How would you do on the Google Quiz? I got 10 of 15 right. I probably would have done better if I'd ever used some of the listed search types, but I never had reason to. (Found on Hidden Peanuts.)