Saturday, September 17, 2005

Committees and Concerts

Work today consisted of an all-day workshop on writing library policies conducted by June Garcia. She's an excellent facilitator and the process she's training us in is very useful and interesting, unlike a lot of library workshops where we've talked about a lot of nothing and we therefore don't get very good or any workable results.

I'm on one of the committees to rewrite our library system's policies, regulations, procedures, and guidelines. It's actually rather interesting and my committee has a nice group dynamic going.

During lunch hour, I went to the Clarks store and bought two pairs of shoes, one pair of which is this year's version of their wonderful waterproof shoes for winter. The one pictured is olive, but I got it in black.

After work, hubby and I went to B.B. King's Blues Club and Grill for an Air Supply concert. We got to sit right next to the stage and I got a bit of neck strain looking up at the guys (and the view was great!). The audience was enthusiastic, some more than others. A couple of women at tables behind us were dancing in the aisle and generally putting on as much of a show as Graham and Russell on stage. Ah, to be that young again.

The guys were in fine form, with even more mugging and milking the audience for applause than usual. There was also a lot personal byplay going on, more than I remember from the Westbury shows, but since that stage is a bit farther from the seats than at B.B. King's, I might just not have noticed it there, but it was almost as if the guys were having not only a love affair going on with the fans but with each other. They clearly are close friends, or so it appears, and they really know how to get a crowd going. Then again, their fans, myself included, are involved from the moment the guys come out onstage.

We sat at one the club laughingly considers a table for 4 (can we say tiny?) with another couple. They were very pleasant tablemates and we talked a lot before the show began. And I had the yummiest macaroni and cheese for dinner.

And now it's time for bed, because I'm...